Cooking with 5 Olive Oil
WEP SA Recipes
WEP SA Recipes
Cooking with 5 Olive Oil

Grilled chicken drumsticks with baby potatoes

Good source of Protein and Vitamin C (74% of daily needs). Easy to make with few ingredients. Balanced meal providing protein, good carbs (potatoes are used skin ok) and extra virgin olive oil


4 people

60 minutes

  • Chicken drumsticks, with skin and bone, 8 pieces
  • Baby potatoes, about 3 cups
  • Fresh rosemary, 7 springs (5whole for chicken, 2 chopped for potatoes)
  • Oranges, 5 mediums, juice of 3 for chivken    marinade (peels reserves) & juice of 2 for potatoes.
  • White wine, 4 tbs (optional)
  • 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 tbs divided
  • Sea salt, ~tsps or to taste

Calories: 180Kcal
Protein: 49g
Carbs: 8g
Good fat: 19g

  1. In a medium bowl, or a big enough resealable plastic bag, add juice of 3 oranges, a couple of orange peels, 5 springs of rosemary, 2 tbs of 5 Olive Oil, 4 tbs of wine (optional), 1 tsp of salt and mix to combine.
  2. Add drumsticks and move them around to coat well. Let aside to marinade (you can do this step the day before and in the fridge).
  3. In a medium pot with enough water to cover potatoes, boil in medium heat for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile in a bowl make potato marinade by adding the juice of 2 oranges, 2 chopped springs of rosemary, 2 tbs of 5 Olive Oil, 1 tsp of salt.
  5. When 5-7 minutes have passed, turn heat off, drain water and add potato marinade in the pot.
  6. While potatoes are marinading, preheat oven to 200°C/390°F.
  7. Place potatoes in baking pan lined with parchment paper and bake on the middle rack for about 30 minutes or until their color turns golden brown.
  8. Pour some of the marinade over potatoes in the middle of cooking time. \While potatoes are cooking, place a large skillet over medium high heat (or have your grill ready) and add drumsticks.
  9. Cook from all sides until grill marks are formed and chicken is cooked through.

Pairing tip: Pair with a Pinot Noir.